This section focuses only on personalized jewelry for each individual. Custom hip hop jewelry pendants are a great way to step up your jewelry game. Many fashion heads want the look and feel of having something specially made for them, but don’t have the capacity to spend thousands and millions for a piece of the fashion item. The ones who can afford it will either have to look into the way of abroad to have their custom piece made. Here at MANDILAX, we can help you achieve quality and affordability without you moving an inch.

Our custom pieces are a great quality within the pocket value range they fall in, in fact, most companies will not make custom jewelry at this quality level, at that price we charge. And most, if they will make this quality level will charge an exorbitant fee to keep their margins right.

In order to understand your idea properly, provide as much detail as possible about the vision you have in mind, ideally attaching sketches or inspiration images or font will help us. The more you give us, the better we’re able to translate your vision. On the next page, browse through our custom samples to see both name and logo pendant and then place your order.